Why Legacy Forum Works

Why Legacy Forum Works

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Legacy Forum (LF) was founded as a community of peers (business owners) and leading professional trusted advisors.  Members who are very energized by the meetings build the closest relationships.  They are usually the most open about their lives, seeking practical solutions from the group.


So why does LF work so well?  Here are a few of the reasons:


  1. The flow of pertinent, useful business information is continual.


  1. Members get in a “comfort zone” with one another, usually not available in another venue.


  1. Life lessons are shared, particularly as they relate to one’s “relevancy” or legacy.


  1. Ideas expressed in a collective of like-minded peers are more poignant and impactful.


  1. There is an in-depth focus on really knowing each other’s services and strengths. High quality referrals occur naturally and often.


  1. Business development is “ready-made,” without extra effort and time wasted meeting other professionals who do not have your best interests at heart.


  1. When referrals are made, the sense of duty to a fellow LF member is acute and fulfilled.


  1. Members are one another’s best resource for the 3 AM phone call or text.


At Legacy Forum, we maintain a community of professional service providers that foster deep and mutually beneficial relationships with one another. Our elite organization brings together Southern California’s top service professionals to focus on business, personal, and professional development through shared experience, knowledge and purpose.



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