Value Proposition

Legacy Forum is ..

An organization whose sole purpose is to focus on business (commerce), professional, and personal development for its members

An executive mastermind forum

An elite business community

How is Legacy Forum Different?

  • A one-of-a-kind organization, it fulfills a major need for experienced trusted advisors.
  • Comprised exclusively of the top professional service providers and trusted business advisors.
  • Focus on resolution to common business problems – hiring, firing, growth, exit, etc.
  • Employs collaborative and non-judgmental sharing of the group’s collective experiences and intelligence.
  • NOT a networking group. It is an executive forum that seeks to improve commerce among its members.
  • Membership is by invitation or referral only.
  • Your initial and ongoing commitment is for three months at a time, since payment is quarterly.

What is Legacy Forum?

  • It connects you with the top service providers in the region.
  • It provides you with a personal “board of directors” to solve common problems.
  • It creates a collaborative and highly confidential environment that fosters deeper relationships more quickly.
  • For about the same cost as 2-3 months of an executive coach, you get a full team of highly successful professionals meeting with you monthly.
  • Legacy Forum creates “Cross Forum” events with other Legacy Forum groups, such as topical mixers, educational events and spousal dinners.