Success Stories

Legacy Forum members consistently refer one another and to their best clients. The openness of a small, confidential group allows for deeper sharing and connections; it also enhances our ability to deliver prospective clients that match another’s “sweet spot.”


At the group meeting, we briefly acknowledge referrals and progress on shared-client matters. This reinforces the quality of a member’s services and respect as a trusted advisor. We also discuss and analyze best client practices, which further impacts our personal growth as a Center of Influence (COI).


Each Legacy Forum group is results oriented. For any issue regarding business development techniques or business operations processes, the asking member receives a variety of responses and opinions. At times, the answers are blunt, but always delivered as honest feedback. Members leave each meeting very energized, and ready to confront and resolve the issues/concerns that were raised. They will apply the shared experiences from other members and report to the group at the next meeting with their successful actions.


Legacy Forum delivers the very best direct and positive communications. The outcomes are exponentially better than any other relationship-based organization.