Pushing through the Anxiety

Pushing through the Anxiety

Most professionals I meet with ask me about Legacy Forum.  At least there is a viral component to our acceptance or existence.  If the person(s) is qualified for membership by virtue of trusted advisor status and ownership in his/her firm, I may ask if he/she wants to guest at a meeting.  Nearly everyone says yes, enthusiastically.  Then, the malaise or anxiety creeps into them prior to their actual appearance at a group meeting.

I guess that feeling is based on “unknown fear” of how will an already existing, close knit group accept me.  You never know until you step up to the experience.  I admit that I am not (nor probably is anyone) totally immune to potentially uncomfortable situations.  Yet, I know the importance of making and solidifying the best and right connections/relationships.

Thus, I implore you with any completely new environment to push through the anxiety.  It only lasts for a short time anyway.

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