Legacy Difference


Each local forum meets monthly for 2.5 hours. This includes personal and professional updates; “issue/problem” presentations; industry education sharing and referral testimonials. Additionally, events during the year allow all Forum members to foster cross-forum interaction. These will include social events, as well as professional development and educational gatherings.


Each forum is comprised of top-level professional service providers who have achieved success and trusted advisor status. We are targeting the top tier of professionals who also own their firms or participate as part of management. The core of each forum consists of attorneys and CPAs. There will be no “vendor” memberships. Forum members will have professional exclusivity, defined by the organization. This will mean no direct personal competition within each group.

  • You gather a dozen of your most respected business colleagues, most powerful referral sources, and most trusted advisors for a monthly 2.5 hour session designed to benefit everyone in the forum;
  • You parachute directly into a collaborative, confidential, and trusting environment, which will transform how you experience and interact with other members, as well as your family and friends.
  • You share issues or problems with a non-judgmental group that will provide expert counsel and personal support;
  • You team with colleagues to help you improve your business, balance your personal and professional life, and remain relevant in a rapidly changing world. Each member has a vested interest in each other member’s success;
  • You own an instant, private Rolodex of the region’s top professionals, people who can help you access anyone.
  • You join a support team committed to helping you and the other Forum members grow your businesses, advance your careers, or even prepare you to transition to new chapters in your personal stories.

This is Legacy Forum

“Gather great minds around a table
and great things will happen.”