Join An Existing Group

Join An Existing Group

Building a business relationship is not easy. It involves effort from both parties to ensure that each person knows and trusts the other. Finding “common ground” is usually a key component. And, you must be willing to share with another -your passions, interests, advice, and clients.


So, why do even the most experienced and trusted professional advisors find it difficult to guest at and join existing and vibrant mastermind groups like Legacy Forum? Probably a number of reasons, as follows:

Issue 1: I am too busy
Answer 1: It is easier to say “no” than stretch to add a group to your life. If you want to do something, you will.

Issue 2: The group dynamic has been set and I won’t fit in.
Answer 2: Group dynamics are fluid. We welcome new members and influencers to each group.

Issue 3: Do I possess a similar level of skill and experience. Can I really contribute to the other members?
Answer 3: We are a professorial organization. Each person brings a unique perspective and talent to the group.

Issue 4: Is the group chemistry comfortable to me?
Answer 4: We are small, tight knit groups of members that really care about each other’s success.

Issue 5: Will I receive the benefits of generating quality business and receiving solid advice to business issues from that particular group?
Answer 5: Your effort towards helping others will generate a reciprocal benefit.

Legacy Forum is the panacea to obliterate any and all of the above rationalizations. We welcome your participation if you are serious about joining.