Being Memorable

Being Memorable

A row of gray chairs in a gray room with one red chair in the centerBeing memorable is key to effective relationships that will gain and keep your clients, and ensure a constant source of referrals.

To be truly memorable, it is not enough to be thought of as an expert in a particular subject or field.  People must also remember you for your distinctive, positive manner.

The following are some specific ways of becoming more memorable:

    1. Always leave the best impression.
    2. Send out an informational blog or email blast, or simply a reminder note every so often, at least to your A and B contact lists.
    3. Show up often so people see and remember you. Attend events whenever you can, updating your contacts and jogging their memory about your services.
    4. Arrange in-person meetings. Check-in emails are a good way to set up these meetings.
    5. Complete your LinkedIn profile, and update it regularly. Within the profile, highlight your uniqueness, using key words and accomplishments.
    6. Serve on a panel or seek out opportunities to present to larger groups. At those presentations, provide a memorable story about one ideal client.
    7. Continue reaching out to clients, friends, or co-workers to find ways you can help them.
    8. Be a guest participator at network meetings.
    9. Ask others to critique your current elevator speech, or a new idea you may have.
    10. Develop your reputation as a “connector” by focusing a portion of each day on making introductions – both in person and via email.
    11. Know your market size and type of client. It helps in your elevator speech and affirming your brand message. Support this information with numbers, such as “we serve companies with at least $10 million in annual revenue.”
    12. Reinforce two or three specialties and industries whenever you communicate your services to another person.
    13. Survey your referral sources and clients to see what they may need. Send them timely information, and more than just a “hello” ping which often offers little value.
    14. Every so often, search LinkedIn to identify trends or pending needs for potential prospects and prior clients.
    15. Send a handwritten follow-up or thank you letter by regular mail.

There is no checklist to being charismatic. It is a quest that never ends. Rather than getting too frustrated with the process, continue to craft your brand message. Even while honing this message, you convey some form of your brand to the listener.

Above all else, be sure to ask your contacts for feedback on how you can have a more positive impression on those around you. Active listening and constructive criticism will always lead to a deeper connection.


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