About us


Legacy Forum is a community of professional service providers, within which each member can discover and express his best self, providing enhanced meaning to his life and legacy.


To provide a forum that fosters deep and beneficial relationships among Southern California’s top service professionals; it is a trans-formative experience.


Legacy Forum is an elite organization comprised of small groups (8-10 members) focused on business, personal, professional and development. The groups meet monthly in 2.5-hour gatherings, premised on the benefits of shared experience, intelligence, and purpose.

The Difference

The business networking landscape for professionals is crowded and confusing. Nearly everyone is searching for the most effective way to create and nurture lasting relationships. One of the key questions is: are you chasing leads or sowing seeds?


Fast Company states, “Businesses that participate in peer boards grow faster than those that don’t”. Knowledge is a key to success. Legacy Forum proves the adage “All of us are smarter than one of us”.


Legacy Forum members are the elite resources for clients and each other. They exemplify the highest rung of trusted advisor. They have transcended the “leads need” mentality and moved to organically attracting A-level clients. Legacy Forum attracts only the exceptional client-centric professionals.


If you fit this profile, you should consider Legacy.