Optimizing Your Business Website for Success

Optimizing Your Business Website for Success

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In today’s digital marketing landscape, a quality website is a necessity to present your services, display your efficacy, and make yourself available to your target audience.

However, you should not launch a website without the proper preparation and investment. A poorly created website may be worse than having no website at all.

A business website has innumerable benefits if done well. Here are some key considerations when designing your business website:

Listing Clients, Associates & Testimonials

One of the first things to consider when creating your website is what information to include. Rather than making statements about your success, you may list clients and provide their testimonials to provide proof of your company’s value.

But you may need releases from certain clients. Some licenses, such as those regulated by FINRA, restrict the listing of clients or client testimonials. Even if you are not restricted, consider weather listing this client will give valuable information to competitors.

Listing reputable associates with their permission can boost your reputation, as well as theirs. Creating cross links between clients and alliances can boost SEO ratings and benefit everyone involved.


Your website should strategically list the services that are most niche and profitable to your business. Focus on the services that you provide that you would like to grow, rather than creating an extensive list of every possible service. Ensure that your service descriptions are simple and accessible—you want potential clients to contact you for more information.

Visual Content

Visual content such as videos, images, logos and color themes can be useful when building your brand and making your content interesting, memorable, and personal. However, visual content should be used strategically and sparingly. For example, including a 2-minute video that shows your team sharing their stories, values, and services can personalize your website immensely.

Ease of Access

It is crucial that your website content is easy to access, follows a logical sitemap, and is ADA compliant. Although the laws for ADA business website accessibility are in flux, you will want to ensure that your website follows basic ADA best practices to protect yourself legally and reach your particular audience.

Some of the important considerations are: precautions such as providing alt descriptions for images, transcripts or subtitles for videos; RTF or text files for PDFs, and allow users to change the font styles, colors, and sizes.



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