One Sheet Can Be Worth a Thousand Words

One Sheet Can Be Worth a Thousand Words

A man wearing a suit extending his arm holding one sheet of paper. In addition to a comprehensive website, LinkedIn profile, business card, and resume, it’s wise to invest in set of specialized one sheets to delineate your services in a quick, skimmable, and visually appealing way.

As opposed to a brochure, lengthy resumé, or several pages of information, this simplified document is literally only one sheet of paper (front and back, if necessary) that describes who you are and the benefits of your services.  It is also a clear, direct rationale for why someone should want to meet or refer you. You might forward a one sheet to prospective referring sources and clients, place it on your website or LinkedIn profile, or bring it to a networking event as a “take-away.”

Simple and Specific

Typically, the front side provides brief descriptions of each major service you provide.  A picture and short bio are also included. The back or reverse page often contains examples of client successes in abbreviated form. Some professionals use client testimonials in place of the client stories.

If you provide many different services that might not overlap, you might consider crafting a one sheet for each service, so that you can give a detailed summary of each.  Specialized one sheets make you and your services more accessible; no one wants to wade through page after page of written paragraphs that describe services, they have no need

If you can break down your services into their own one sheets, always do so; and, use bullet points, short descriptions, and visuals whenever possible.


A one sheet is a cross between a resume and a business card. It should be informative, to the point, and visually appealing and skimmable.

You will want to have a strong opening sentence that follows a clever headline. This short opening should convey why the reader wants to know you. It is not another benefits statement. Rather, it is an appeal to someone as to who you are, your essence, and how the reader can visualize introducing you to his or her client(s) as a worthy, trusted advisor.

You can use this same format in one sheets for specialized services, based on a template that creates a consistent look and feel.


Ensure that your one sheets are up to date with your current services and information. Since they follow a simple format and should be mostly the same for each specific service, updates should be quick and easy.

A simple, specific, eye-catching one sheet that’s current is like an elevator speech on a piece of paper. Rather than recreating the wheel each time a prospective client inquiries about a particular service, you can deliver a one sheet that will reinforce your professional image.



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