The Effectiveness of Troikas in Networking Strategies

The Effectiveness of Troikas in Networking Strategies

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The “troika” networking tool was born in ProVisors, but has since become a staple of an effective marketing strategy. These three-person meetings facilitate and foster deeper relationships that can lead to connections, referrals, constructive criticism and advice that can improve your marketing skills.

At these sessions, members learn about each other’s personal lives; critique each other’s elevator pitches or branding techniques; learn the major service components of each other’s practices; and, trade stories about how they’ve added value to their clients’ lives.

Troikas are an excellent avenue for professional networking, but they are also a place for you to train and hone your marketing skills. While there are networking groups that organize troikas, you can arrange them on your own. When you make these connections between colleagues, they remember you.

In order for a troika to be effective, you must be responsive and proactive. If you said you were going to make a call or contact someone to make an introduction after a troika, do it.  Maybe you want to send a note or pertinent piece of information after a meeting.

Maintaining contact after these meetings is key to making them effective. Check in with updates about your practice, new cases you have worked on, make new introductions, and share information you think may be useful to them. One meeting is not enough!

You should also set up one-on-one meetings (“doikas”), in addition to troikas. Meeting one-on-one can allow more personal matters to be revealed and help when a person is seeking direct and immediate assistance with a vexing issue.

An effective networking strategy will incorporate a healthy mix of doikas, troikas, and more expansive group meetings, in order to maintain broad relationships with a number of different professionals and industries.


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