Building a Winning Brand

Building a Winning Brand

The silhouettes of two women and two men talking in a group filled in with New York skyline buildings. Backround is white.

While a brand has to develop over time, there are three important factors to consider when crafting a winning brand that will frame the unique offerings of your business:

  1. Consistency

Visuals that remain connected to your mission statement and are consistent throughout your marketing materials will reinforce who you are in a concise and representative way.

Focus on who you are without demeaning your competition—be confident in what you offer that’s unique and needed. This is known as your Unique Selling Proposition (USP).

  1. Quality

Be sure that your branding makes it clear who you are and what types of clients you seek. Focus more on how you can deliver a needed service.

Branding should be simple, and yet showcase a quality, specialized service. Do not overcommit. Always deliver more than you promise, and don’t be afraid to turn down referrals that are outside of your specialized area.

  1. Emotional Attachment

While you are always representing your firm or company, ultimately you and your presentation of yourself (demeanor, attitude, and willingness to share expertise) are the deliverable. Deliver your brand with a positive attitude and your clients will surely become attached.


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