Where is Enough Enough?

Where is Enough Enough?

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There is no universal answer to this imponderable.  But is that really the best question to ask?  Perhaps a better one is:  Why does any one person get to judge another as to his level of satisfaction?

Legacy Forum provides each member with some level of enough.  For some, the group offers sound and direct advice, primarily to business issues/problems.  For others, they expect more, such as the high quality of referrals.  One excellent new client fees will produce a handsome return on investment.

The above rewards are the most visible and obvious benefits of Legacy membership.  At the same time, there are at least two other significant, if understated, member advantages:

    1. Sharing of knowledge and current “happenings” that make us smarter professionals.
    1. Personal growth and bonding by being accountable to one another and ourselves.

So, there is no enough.  Our members seek and find self-fulfillment in a variety of forms.



At Legacy Forum, we maintain a community of professional service providers that foster deep and mutually beneficial relationships with one another. Our elite organization brings together Southern California’s top service professionals to focus on business, personal, and professional development through shared experience, knowledge and purpose.


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